Friday, February 11, 2005

New Chinese Gourmet

restaurant: New Chinese Gourmet
type: Chinese buffet and Mongolian BBQ
cost: $6.50 for lunch, 7.99 dinner
what is good: everything. The Mongolian BBQ (like stir fry), sesame chicken, and General tao's chicken is especially good
what isn't so good: dessert. Their deserts are not good, but you can eat a fried biscuit instead.
What to watch out for: They aren't kidding when they say the chilli sauce is hot. You can make not only your Mongolian BBQ too hot for you to eat, but the person's cooked after yours.


Anonymous said...

And the teriyaki-chicken-on-a-stick is very good too. It's the Year of the Chicken, after all. Eat up!

Amy Stone said...

Utah Chinese food is almost an oxymoron. I've even asked Chinese people who are currently living in Utah for recommendations. The places I have found that serve good "Chinese" food are the HoHo Gourmet 1504 South State Street in Salt Lake and the Lotus Garden 56 West Center street in Provo. The HoHo is excellent although it looks like a real dive from the outside. The prices are great and the food is incredible. The Lotus Garden is very good, close to where my husband works, and kid friendly. The stuff at the Panda Express will never taste the same to you again!

rcstanley said...

I've heard many good things about Hoho's and Lotus Garden. We'll have to try them out sometime soon. Thanks for the addresses :)