Monday, June 27, 2005

Potty training song

STOP do not read below if you are not a parent! (Contains frank language about using the bathroom and really bad rhymes.)

I'm thinking about potty training my daughter. She has other ideas however. She's decided that diapers are the way to go. I made up this song in an attempt to convince her wearing panties will be great. (She, being a bright child, changed the words around to support diapers)

Bye bye diapers.
Hello panties.
When I was a little girl
I wore diapers all the time.
Now that I'm a bigger girl
Panties I'm so glad your mine.

I wear my panties on my bum,
I pull them down with my thumb,
I put them down near my feet,
Then I take a potty seat.


My tinkle likes to come right out
When I'm done I give a shout
I flush it down, down below
where the other tinkles go.


I wash my hands when I'm done
Pottying is so much fun.

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