Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Initial Review: Durabrand 7" Portable DVD Player (DUR-7)

Background: I bought the 7" Durabrand Portable DVD Player from Wal-mart at the end of May 2006 since I was planning on going on a trip with my children and wanted to have a little peace and quiet occasionally. I bought this unit from the store since I wanted to have time to return it for another one if I needed to. (Note: I don't know what the reliability of these units is, I just know many cheap portable dvd players have quality issues.) I will add more to this review after I've used it more.


First Impressions: It looks like a dvd player. It seems cheaply made. It is wide screen. The speaker volume at max is LOUD (at least to me), I turned it down to about half way. The screen seems bright and clear to me. My husband said the screen quality is passable, but I don't really notice things like that. To put a DVD in, you lift the cover and snap the DVD in place.

  • Plays DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CDs (both regular and mp3), and picture disks (jpg). (It might do more, this is what I tested)
  • It has component video out (no video in). It also has a switch to switch between widescreen and normal format.
  • The buttons on the player are: volume (up/down), play, pause, stop, skip (forward/back). There is also a brightness knob.
  • I can do everything with this portable player that I can with my full-sized dvd player, skip, repeat, memory.
  • Hacks (haven't tried them personally): Region free and also one to let you play VCDs
  • Car adaptor
  • You can't control the volume or brightness from the remote.
  • This is more related to the case I bought to hook it up in my car, but the remote sensor is hidden under the edge of case so I can't use the remote. Putting a cd case under the player so that it sat higher seemed to fix the problem
  • You can't select from a DVD's menu with the buttons on the player, so don't loose the remote. You can hit play and most DVDs will play.
  • Battery won't charge unless player is turned off.
  • Max of 254 pictures/songs in a folder on a cd.
Still to Test
  • Battery life
  • Playing a full length movie
  • Screen brightness in a car
  • Longevity
Rating so Far
This player is exactly what I expected. It's a good price and seems to do everything I want it to. Assuming it holds up, I would recommend it.

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jpstanley said...

For clarification: This player does not have component output. It has only composite output. It doesn't have S-video output either. Don't get this player if you intend to connect it to a large television.