Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Review: Max and Cheese

Name: Max and Cheese
Location: approximately 1200 W and State St. in Orem, UT
Cost: Adult $7, child $4
What we ate: I had a BLT, my son had corn dogs, and my daughter had a hot dog
Rating: 3 stars (don't hate it or love it)
Review: I'd wanted to try this place for a while, since they advertise as being kid-friendly. I had a coupon, so my son, daughter, and I went. The decor was school/cafe. The meals came with a choice of fruit cup or apple sauce or chips. We chose chips (choice of Sun Chips or some weird/deluxe brand of chips). I added apple juice to my son's order for a quarter. My BLT was incredible, probably one of the best BLTs I've had. But after the BLT, and bag of chips, six grapes and 3 cheese cubes that came with it, I was still hungry. My son liked his corn dogs. My daughter's hot dog was cut like an octopus and came with gold fish crackers. Neither of them finished their meals. I thought the meals were pricey for what you got, but then the kids didn't finish their food, so I guess there was plenty of food for them.

The play area has puzzles, legos, a train table, and various other wooden toys. There are no play structures. My kids liked playing, but were willing to leave after 15 - 20 minutes. I wouldn't take a child older than six, I think they would find it boring very quickly.

All in all, I had fun, but I probably wouldn't go again unless I had a great coupon or my son begged to go.


Ashley said...

I have been wanting to go there. I have heard they are pricy so I am hesitant. I am thinking of waiting until Q is at least walking.

Alicia said...

exactly what I thought. Wasn't impressed, but it might be fun if they went with friends.