Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Card ideas

While perusing the Stampin' Up catalog, I saw some great stamp sets. Here are some of the cards I plan to make after I have my party and get my sets. (This is mostly to help me decide which sets I actually want based on how many ideas I can come up with)

Just Buzzin' By
  • Happy B day - with candles on top of the hive
  • It's a shower for our babee - with the flower being used as a shower head over one of the bees
  • a child's birthday card where the hive opens to the bees having a party
  • probably the bees mixed in with my gardening set (whose name escapes me right now)
  • a never ending card with the hive opening
  • This set would go great with "Just B" set, but I probably won't buy that set since there's other stuff I want
Hoppy For You
  • bathroom hanging for my basement bathroom that for some inexplicable reason is done in frogs
A Kind Word
  • these little girls would be cute on any card, I love water coloring

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