Friday, October 09, 2009

Pregnancy on tv

So I read this Slate article about a TLC show called "I didn't know I was Pregnant". I was searching for an online episode to watch and did find one. It actually wasn't that bad. Basic plot is woman rushes to emergency room to discover she doesn't have appendicitis, she is delivering a pretty much perfectly healthy baby.

The other thing I came across while searching for a free episode of the show was a discussion about the show. One of the commentator mentioned they thought the show should show bad outcomes because it might give people the idea that they don't need prenatal care. Now, I agree that pregnant women should get prenatal care, but I actually wonder how many "I didn't know I was pregnant" turn out badly. In my experience with 3 births, all my visits consisted of "baby's fine". I know that things can go terribly wrong. I am very grateful that all my kids have been healthy. However, the people on the show are delivering in a hospital, and in my mind delivery is the biggest risk during pregnancy. People have been having babies for a very long time without prenatal care, so I wonder if the risk factors are not as high as many people believe.

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