Thursday, September 23, 2010

iPod touch 4 review

My background: I wanted a new device to check email, play media and entertain children. My current device is a Nokia n800, but I've also owned a Dell axim and a Sony clie. This is the first apple product I've owned. I wanted to replace my n800 because it was slower and unable to play newer media content. I was also interested in something with a large developer base and wide support.

Why I chose an iPod touch 4th generation 32 gig:
-it wasn't a phone. I am quite happy with my prepaid phone.
-it has a large developer base and plenty of apps
-large amount of children's content, plus controls so nothing bad gets downloaded
-kindle books
-netflix streaming
-beautiful screen

Things I dislike:
-interface not totally intuitive. I could figure 80% on my own, but for the rest...thank goodness for google.
-blogger really doesn't work well
-some free kids apps have ads
-it's a pain to close apps (not as bad as the Dell axim though)
(note: this is how far I got typing on my ipod touch.  After this, the blogger web interface just wouldn't work correctly, so now I'm on a desk top.  I'll use email next time.)
- plugging the charger cable in is a little weird because of the beveling around the screen

Other thoughts:
-mis-touches aren't as common as I had worried
-wifi connects very quickly
-I'm glad I got 32 gig, 8 gig would have been way too small (5 gigs of music, plus a few videos and audio books and apps)
-kids love my ipod, I have to fight them for it
-no flash hasn't been a serious issue so far

Update 10/17/10: I still love my ipod touch.  Games are hard on the battery life, but just web browsing and reading ebooks, it seems to hold a charge for a day or two.

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