Sunday, November 27, 2011

Free LDS resources for Kindle users

I got a Kindle for my birthday. Yay! I can't say I love it yet, but we are definitely in a serious relationship :)

I was looking for free copies of the LDS scriptures, music, and the children's Book of Mormon Stories.  I knew there used to be links in the .mobi format on the old site, so I went and found them.
(Updated 10/21/12):
There are now apps in the kindle store for the standard works, hymns, and children's song book, plus lds tools.


zillagirl said...

I downloaded the mobipocket - do you know the next step to get it and the LDS works to my Kindle? Will the footnotes be functional? Will I be able to easily move around the Scriptures. I have the Kindle wi-fi - and I love it! Especially since I have bad vision and find reading the Kindle easier than reading print.

rcstanley said...

The scriptures on don't seem to have the footnotes. I think this is the blog entry I used to get the scriptures: If the file is in mobipocket format, you can connect your kindle to your computer and just copy it over. Or you can email the file to you kindle email account.

Isaac Godfrey said...

In an effort to help the Kindle community I have converted most church materials into the native MOBI format. All are free and available for download here.

Perhaps someday the church will have an official app for the Kindle Touch but in the mean time you can get all the content here.

I hope everyone finds this useful.