Sunday, October 21, 2012

Owl and dinosaur fleece hats for Halloween

This year my daughters are being an owl and a tyrannosaurus rex.  I made these hats out of felt and fleece to go along with their costumes.
The picture doesn't show it, but the t-rex has spikes going down the back.  I think they came out pretty darn cute.

Making them is easy.

  1. Cut a rectangle of fleece.  The length should be the diameter of your child's head plus the seam allowance.  The height is the distance from the middle of your child's ear to the top of their head plus seam allowance (probably about 1/2"). For my 3 year old I had about 20" X 7" (including seam allowance)
  2. Sew a hem along the bottom of the hat (you can also do this at the end, but I'd rather sew a straight piece of cloth than a circle.
  3. fold the hat like it will be when it's finished.  Then figure out where you want your felt animal parts to go and sew them on.  The seam on these hats is down the middle of the back of the head.  On the owl, I sewed the face parts on after the hat was made, but it is much easier to do it before.
  4. fold the rectangle in half, with right side facing in.  Sew along the edge to make seam up the back of the head.  If you are doing a dinosaur, add in the spikes in the seam. (I can't explain this well, basically fold parallel to the short sides, so when fold, the rectangle will be 10" x 7")
  5. Sew across the top of the hat (the side NOT hemmed).  On the dinosaur, I didn't sew straight across. Using a disappearing marker, I drew a bump on each side for eyes and a bump in the middle for the top of Rexy's "head".  Then I sewed along this line.  On a regular hat, you will probably want to sew a curved line that starts about an inch below the top on the sides and peaks at the top, otherwise the hat will have a square look.
  6. Stick hat on your child's head and enjoy.

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