Friday, April 08, 2005

Long distance woes

When I got my cell phone, it had a number local to Salt Lake City. I was glad to have a cell phone, but I thought it would be silly if I had to dial long distance from my house to reach my husband at the store less than a mile a way. Thus, I had the great idea of having the phone number changed. (Summary: Sprint has nice customer service people. Most customer service people do not know what they are doing. Given sufficient perseverance, you can get what you want.)

E-mail to Sprint: I e-mailed Sprint and they told me they could change the number, but not online, I'd need to call in.

Call #1: You need the account info and password for that.

I called my mother-in-law and got that information.

Call #2: Very nice woman. She had problems understanding that you could have the same area code and the call be long distance. She tried resetting something or other and told me to wait 4 hours. 4 hours later ... number still long distance

Call #3: Guy with an accent. You can't change that unless you are the policy holder.

Call mother-in-law and have her call Sprint on the cell phone and talk to me on the other phone.

Call #4: After being on hold for a very long time: This change should be possible, we don't understand why it isn't. It might have something to do with you changing your plan today. Call back tomorrow.

Call #5: Mother-in-law called Sprint. Instructions relayed through mother-in-law. Typed in long strings of numbers several times until one set of numbers worked. Got number changed. There was much rejoicing.

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