Friday, January 07, 2011

Things a house must have for me to consider moving

My husband has jokingly talked about moving, so here is a list of things a new house must have for me to consider moving:

  • walking distance to schools
  • near freeways and shopping
  • driveway faces not-north
  • not a split level
  • at least 2000 sqft
  • not on a stripy street (ie no lines down the middle, indicator of busy street)
  • no powerlines overhead
  • not right by a hill where a forest fire or mud slide could come down
  • kids near by 
  • not in a flood plain
  • not a steep driveway
  • not steep to get out of neighborhood

  • about same size as we have now
  • place for garden
  • shed or room for shed
  • fruit trees or a place for them
  • automatic sprinklers
  • fenced

  • double car garage

  • plenty of counter space
  • pantry or lots of cabinets for food
  • (wish) center island
  • above stove microwave (or ability to add one)
  • (wish) not visible from front door

  • 5 bedrooms
  • (wish) master suite
  • (wish) walk in closet

  • bathroom on every level
  • at least 2 showers
  • (wish) jetted tub

Other rooms
  • office / craft room
  • family room
  • front room
  • storage area for food storage
  • storage area for storage

  • faster internets accessible
(We're building a house.  See how it rates on this list here.)


    Alicia said...

    Amen sister....although having just gone through this process, it is amazing the compromises you make when you find the "right" one.

    Jeremy said...

    And my wish list:
    - 3 car garage (room for two cars plus a couple bikes, tools, workbench)
    - Secluded backyard that's dark at night (streetlights blocked by the house itself)
    - Not a corner lot (less snow to shovel, and also contributes to the previous item)
    - Bigger usable yard than we have now (don't like the side thing we have now)
    - Quiet street
    - Not too close to big shopping centers, parking lots, etc.

    That house in Provo appears to meet my critera, and _almost_ all of yours...

    Nancy said...

    I heard, from my Interiors class, that people need 500 sq feet each. To live comfortably.

    trashmaster46 said...

    After going ahead and getting married while waiting and hoping for the housing market to come up a bit so I can sell my house without losing too much money, I'm finally moving in with my husband.

    Right now, my "must have for me to consider moving" list includes:

    Room for my cats and his
    Room for crafting
    Room for serious cooking
    Yard for gardening (and we've been finding out how small a yard still makes us happy)
    Yard for chickens
    House that has my husband in it

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