Thursday, March 10, 2011

What I want in a house -- What I actually got

So, we're we're building a rambler with a basement.  Here is my list of "things my house must have" and what we ended up with. 

  • walking distance to schools  -- no, but they bus, so it's kind of a yes
  • near freeways and shopping -- yes
  • driveway faces not-north -- northfacing
  • not a split level-- yes
  • at least 2000 sqft-- yes
  • not on a stripy street (ie no lines down the middle, indicator of busy street)-- yes
  • no powerlines overhead -- yes
  • not right by a hill where a forest fire or mud slide could come down-- yes
  • kids near by -- yes
  • not in a flood plain -- yes
  • not a steep driveway-- yes
  • not steep to get out of neighborhood-- yes

  • about same size as we have now -- yes
  • place for garden-- yes
  • shed or room for shed-- yes
  • fruit trees or a place for them-- yes
  • automatic sprinklers-- not yet
  • fenced -- not yet

  • double car garage -- yes

  • plenty of counter space-- yes
  • pantry or lots of cabinets for food-- yes
  • (wish) center island-- yes
  • above stove microwave (or ability to add one)-- yes
  • (wish) not visible from front door -- no, well, it isn't visible from the door but it is a great room style, so guests will see the kitchen

  • 5 bedrooms-- yes
  • (wish) master suite-- yes
  • (wish) walk in closet-- yes

  • bathroom on every level-- yes
  • at least 2 showers-- yes
  • (wish) jetted tub  -- no

Other rooms
  • office / craft room-- yes
  • family room-- yes
  • front room-- yes
  • storage area for food storage-- yes
  • storage area for storage-- yes

  • faster internets accessible-- yes

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mom said...

I'm glad you got so many of the things on your house wish list.