Sunday, December 23, 2007

review of the nokia n800

I'm typing this review from my Nokia n800's thumb pad and so far it isn't too bad. Far better reviews than mine have been written, so I'm going to list the pros and cons. I am running os 2008.

- screen is nice
- handles flash reasonably well-I can watch Chuck previews
- much more stable than my Dell Axim- couldn't run that pda without it running out of memory
- on-screen thumbpad so I don't have to type with the sylus
- runs blogger, mostly
- plays flash games on PBSKids (actually, this is probably a con since my children think it is cooler to play on mom's n800)
- battery life is reasonable
- can use autocomplete as a spell checker
- charger is a cell phone-like plug-in charger (much better than dell's weird plug)
- can run a bunch of Palm software with its emulator

- my thumbs must be small because it doesn't autodetect I'm using my thumbs. (but I can push the button in the center of the dpad to make it come up)
- video has to be re-encoded to play well on it
- no equivalent of jawbreaker available for it yet (Update 12/31/07: found one that runs on Garnet VM)
- lots of cool software, but a lot of it is in beta (but then in linux you come to expect that
- no always visible clock/time/date
- a little too big. This was the trade-off for a larger screen. In its case (see hint below), it doesn't fit in my purse, although I expect it will some day when I don't have to keep a diaper and a pull-up in there.

Wal-mart has a case for the Nintendo ds lite that fits the n800. It cost me $7. Take your n800 with you since not all ds lite cases will fit.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Nokia n800 links

This seems to be the easiest way to keep track of random things I want to remember about the nokia n800:

Sunday, December 02, 2007

this is a test from my nokia n800

I bought a nokia n800 and really like it so far. The thumb keyboard is ok for short messages, but I wouldn't want to write “War and Peace” on it