Monday, June 26, 2006

My Favorite Cleaning Supplies

This is random (surprise), but currently my two favorite cleaning supplies are Cascade Complete Dishwasher detergent and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

The Cascade Complete just gets my dishes cleaner. (I know, I sound like an add, but it's true.) I am lazy (um, efficient) , so I don't like to pre-rinse my dishes execpt when they are really bad. The Cascade lets me get away with that.

I also love the Magic Erasers. I have gotten so many crayon and marker stains off my kitchen table due to it's ability to get weird stuff off surfaces.

Early Morning Ant-ics

This morning, as I was getting dressed, I felt strongly I should wear my sandals. I did, and it was a good thing.

After a hectic morning of getting my children ready for the day, I was delighted to send them outside in the backyard to play and pick raspberries while I finished my breakfast. I was just finishing my bowl of cereal when I heard my daughter yelling. Since it was early in the morning and I didn't want to wake the neighbors, I went running out. I saw my son near her as if he had been hitting her, so I thought they were fighting. When I got closer, she started complaining about ouchies. I looked at her more closely and saw she was covered in angry ants. I tried to brush them off, but soon gave up and took her clothes off and shook them out. Her socks were especially full of ants. (I eventually had to change her clothes completely.)

I went back inside and came out with a can of ant spray and had my daughter show me where she had been. I looked, but didn't see any ants. So I decided to pick some raspberries for my children. I started picking a few, then looked down and found my feet covered in biting ants. Fortunately, since I was in sandals, I could just take them off and easily brush them off my feet. Since I had found the ant hill, I went ahead and sprayed it.

But I'm glad God is willing to look after us by helping us with the small things.

Favorite Quote of the Day

The day is still young, but I think I found my favorite quote of the day from a NYTimes article here. It talks about a lawsuit against myspace, then goes on to talk about a suit against KFC:

I recognize that there's a certain part of the population who don't know a steady fried chicken diet is bad for them. I feel bad for these people," Mr. Chan wrote. "However, these are probably the same people who don't put on their seatbelts and who suck down endless coffee during the day and Coors at night. So let's be honest with ourselves here. You're not going to save these people. You're just screwing up the chicken for the rest of us.[empahsis added]
I guess that can be my new comeback: Yeah, you're just screwing up the chicken for the rest of us.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Restaurant Review: Carrabbas

Name: Carrabbas
Address:683 E. University Parkway, Orem, UT 84097
Phone: (801) 765-1222
Type: Expensive Italian
Cost: $12-15 a plate, kids meal for $5, meals are large enough to split
What we had: Chicken Parmesan, chicken fingers, Chicken Rosa Maria
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) Would probably be 5 stars if it wasn't so dang expensive
Kid friendly: moderate, provided crayons and could color on menu

After discovering the wait was an hour at PF Changs, we went to this restaurant with my sisters. It has a gluten free, vegetarian menu, a rarity in Orem. Anyway my husband and I split the Chicken Parmesan. I thought it was OK, although the garlic potato sides were very good. The Chicken Rosa Maria was amazing. (My sister was kind of enough to share.) If you go, order that. My sister also shared the fried zuccini which was excellent in the dipping sauce they provided.

The waitress was polite. The restaurant was clean and the restrooms passable.