Friday, October 07, 2011

Initial Thoughts: Tracfone Samsung t404g review

I've now spent a couple of days with the Samsung t404g.  I bought it for its slide out keyboard and decent battery life.
  • I love the slide out keyboard.  It is so much easier to enter contact information, calendar events, and text messages.  
  • I like the interface.  It is much more intuitive than my old Motorola phone.  
  • The camera takes OK pictures. 
  • There's a java facebook app that runs on it.  (I don't plan to use it much, too expensive in minutes, but it might come in handy on trips.)
  • It takes a microSDHC card.  I can copy pictures onto and off of the phone
  • You can add your own ring tones (I think).  The file has to be less than 300k though.  (I haven't actually tried this, but the functionality appears to be there.)
  • Battery life appears OK.  I charged it when I got it 5 days ago, and I'm charging it again now.  It got down to 1 bar on the battery.  I'm optimistic that battery life will be longer from here on out since I've used it a lot more than usual entering contacts, trying all the options out, and playing game.
  • MP3s sound fine to me on it. (Warning: I am not an audiophile.)
  • It has limited photo editing functionality.
  • The Browser button is the same as one of the navigation buttons.  I haven't hit it accidentally yet though.
  • It really is bigger and heavier than my old phone.  The size given for it on Tracfone's website is with the slider closed.  It still fits in my front pocket though.
  • Camera has definite low light issues (blurry inside), but I'm not expecting much from a cell phone camera that doesn't have a flash
  • It only comes with one game: a game that is like a cross between snake and bejeweled. (I don't usually play games on my cell phone, but I know some people like to.)
  • No headphone jack.  It does support bluetooth. (haven't tried it)
  • It made the image on my CRT computer monitor wiggle occasionally when I set the phone nearby.
I'm happy so far with my phone purchase.

Here's a few pictures of it with the Motorola w376g and an ipod touch for size comparison (the 404g is the one in the middle).

Here's picture it took.