Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rag rugs

I've tried making rag rugs recently.  I used directions from this website.  It was actually pretty fun.  I used old t-shirts and an old queen sized sheet.  It is easy and fairly relaxing.  A fun thing to do while watching tv. 

Here's some things I learned:
  1. You want your cloth strips to be all about the same width.  If they aren't you have to go through loops extra times or skip loops to make it even out.  This can look a little odd.
  2. ripping the cloth is easier than cutting it.  I ripped the sheet.
  3. If you want to cut the cloth, use a rotary cutter.  I cut some of the strips with scissors and the edges were jagged and tended to snag.
  4. about half a queen sized sheet and one adult sized large t-shirt make a rug a little smaller than a door mat.
  5. the t shirt material likes to roll around itself and make a rope, very convenient.

Friday, September 23, 2011

tracfone Samsung t404g vs lg 500g

I'm considering a new phone once again.  My current phone is still working fine, but I'd like a keyboard for texting.  I don't need any other smart phone features.

The two phones I'm considering are the Samsung t404g and the lg 500g.
Samsung t404g:
  • Longer battery life (7 hrs talking, 14 days standby)
  • slider
  • triple minutes for life.   The triple minutes pays for itself after buying 1000 minutes (pre trippling).  So for me, it would be about 2 years.
  • slightly smaller than the lg500g
  • 2 mp camera and video recorder
  • heavier (4.55 oz)
  • not a lot of reviews
  • cost $60
Lg 500g
  • lighter (2.93 oz), this is less than my current flip phone
  • generally favorable reviews 
  • cheaper ($20-30  depending on where you buy)
  • shorter battery life (5 hrs talking, 9 days standby)
  • keys more exposed
  • 1.5 mp camera (doesn't really matter, still better than my current phone)
Pros to either phone:
  • takes video and better pictures
  • takes a microsd card so I can actually get pictures off my cell phone
  • has a texting keyboard
  • plays mp3s (don't really care, but it couldn't hurt)

Cons to either phone:
  • Screen isn't protected like my current flip phone.
  • larger than my current flip phone (I carry my phone in my front pocket)
I ended up getting the Samsung t404g.  My review is here.