Friday, September 23, 2011

tracfone Samsung t404g vs lg 500g

I'm considering a new phone once again.  My current phone is still working fine, but I'd like a keyboard for texting.  I don't need any other smart phone features.

The two phones I'm considering are the Samsung t404g and the lg 500g.
Samsung t404g:
  • Longer battery life (7 hrs talking, 14 days standby)
  • slider
  • triple minutes for life.   The triple minutes pays for itself after buying 1000 minutes (pre trippling).  So for me, it would be about 2 years.
  • slightly smaller than the lg500g
  • 2 mp camera and video recorder
  • heavier (4.55 oz)
  • not a lot of reviews
  • cost $60
Lg 500g
  • lighter (2.93 oz), this is less than my current flip phone
  • generally favorable reviews 
  • cheaper ($20-30  depending on where you buy)
  • shorter battery life (5 hrs talking, 9 days standby)
  • keys more exposed
  • 1.5 mp camera (doesn't really matter, still better than my current phone)
Pros to either phone:
  • takes video and better pictures
  • takes a microsd card so I can actually get pictures off my cell phone
  • has a texting keyboard
  • plays mp3s (don't really care, but it couldn't hurt)

Cons to either phone:
  • Screen isn't protected like my current flip phone.
  • larger than my current flip phone (I carry my phone in my front pocket)
I ended up getting the Samsung t404g.  My review is here.

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