Monday, May 09, 2005

Best Mother's Day Present

My husband gave me the most wonderful gift for Mother's Day, a card full of coupons. For example:
  • One Stinky diaper change
  • One Really Stinky Diaper Change
  • one Failed diaper containment cleanup (including change of clothes and bath)
  • one hour watching the kids so Mommy can read a book
  • honey do_____,
  • put the kids to bed (teeth, stories, diapers, the works).
  • Ice cream trip
  • Go on a walk
  • Get the kidlet(s) out of bed (midnight feeding or morning routine, your choice)

He also had some terms and conditions:
1) When presented with a coupon, Daddy can't postpone or refuse to act on it, barring extenuating circumstances (such as if he is on fire)
2) If Daddy grumbles or dawdles, Mommy gets to keep the coupon for future use.
3) the presence of a coupon granting a specific action does not mean Daddy won't do said action without one.
4) Void where prohibited.

This post doesn't do justice to the coupons, he had the best choice of font and the whole gift just made me laugh.

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