Friday, May 27, 2005

Playing Chicken

I've been thinking about adding to my food storage. Food storage is extra food I have around the house (wheat, flour, sugar, etc.) so if a disaster strikes my family will have food. I currently have enough food to last us for about a month.

I was looking at for some ideas of things to add. I'm thinking of adding chicken textured soy and beef textured soy. I don't have much meat stored because it is so expensive canned, fake meat reconstituted with bullion might be an acceptable substitute.

I think I'll try the textured soy, that works out to
40 ounces * 3 ounces per 1 ounce dry = 7.5 lbs of "meat"
7.5 / $9 = $.83 a pound, not bad

I also noticed they had Mountain House freeze-dried chicken in a #10 can. It is currently on sale for $30.00. How much is this per pound? I did some math.
3/4 cup freeze dried chicken = 3/4 cup regular chicken
1 serving = 3/4 cup
14 servings per can
1 lb raw boneless chicken = 3 cups cooked chicken
so doing a bunch of math
3/4 chicken per serving * 14 servings = 10.5 cups per can
10.5 cups * 1 lb per 3 cups = around 3 lbs of meat

So there is the equivalent of 3 lbs of meat per can. At $30 per can that's $10 per pound. I guess it might be worth it though, if you were eating food storage and wanted real meat.

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