Monday, August 08, 2005

Review - Harry Podder - Dude Where's My Wand?

Title: Harry Podder - Dude Where's My Wand?
Location: Desert Star Playhouse, $11 for a matinee, includes free popcorn
Synopsis: Harry Podder discovers he's a wizard and going to Warthog's, the best school for wizards on the Wasatch front. He runs into Ron and Hermione and stop the evil Voldie from finding a certain item.
What I thought: It was pretty good. One important thing I didn't realize until half-way through was that the play opened before the next Harry Potter Book came out, thus the search for a copy of the next Harry Potter book became a lot more funny. There were a lot of funny references, but no great lines that I can remember. Although, they did slam Salt Lake's soccer team pretty hard. I enjoyed the way they changed the words to well known show tunes to fit Harry Potter. Overall the play moved well and was a nice afternoon diversion. If you are a Harry Potter fan, it is worth seeing; I'm just not sure it's worth $11, more like $7.50.


jpstanley said...

So that's why I didn't appreciate any of the songs. I don't know any show tunes.

Anonymous said...

Actually there aren't too many songs from showtunes.

The Muppet Show
The Little Mermaid (including a reprise)
The Mikado
Old dark magic
My Fair Lady
7 Brides for 7 Brothers
Man of La Mancha
Wild about Harry

That's only four've gotta expect a few when you go to the theater. Come see CSI: Provo, there are no showtunes in that one.