Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My new stamp sets

My friend and I placed a big order for stamps this past week, so now I have a bunch of new stamps. I think I actually have enough that I can convince myself not to buy any more for a long time. I have the coolest snow flake set (Provo Craft), a flower set (watercolor minis), the most beautiful tree set which will work for Christmas and for doing scenes (lovely as a tree), a set that has a frog, a goldfish and a flower (all wrapped up) which is great for kids birthdays, and a cute bear set (favorite teddy bear) that will work for birthdays/Christmas/Mother's day.

I've slowly been trying out my new sets. I only have favorite teddy bear left to try out.

Tonight I was making Christmas cards. I've been trying to come up with one that will work for the ones I will send out this year and one that will work as a present. My plan is to give out sets of handmade cards for Christmas. I made 3 different cards, 2 of which I really like. I need to remember though to keep my fingers out of the versimark when I am embossing or I end up with a bunch of embossed fingerprints. At least people can tell they are hand made :)

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