Monday, April 27, 2009

Review: Bosch dishwasher

Product: Bosch dishwasher (SHE4AM12UC - 01)
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) (this rating may go up; I haven't had it long enough to judge it completely)
Summary: Using the electrosol dishwash tablets and jet dry that came with it, I have had great results.
Full Review:
My five year old Amana dishwasher finished dying last week. It had a broken handle, a broken piece on the top rack, I couldn't select any wash cycle but normal, it frequently threw stuff all over the clean dishes, and it started leaking. I'm hoping a Bosch will last longer and have better longevity.
  • Gets dishes clean ( only dirt I've seen is a tiny spec of cheese that was microwaved twice, so I don't hold that against it)
  • Filter is removable (This means I can clean the filter myself if the washer starts putting junk on the dishes)
  • Arms are removable (I have hardwater, so I should be able to take them off and rinse them off once build up occurs)
  • Silverware basket had little holes in it so I can keep your silverware separate (no more nested spoons)
  • Fairly certain plastic can go on the lower rack too since it doesn't have a heating element there
  • Fairly certain this holds fewer dishes than my old model
  • No fold down racks on the bottom to put mixing bowls (my amana had a great layout)
  • Sticking silverware in holes is annoying, I may remove the cover and just use it as a basket
  • My nice silverware has large decorations at the end of the handle. It won't fit in most of the siverware holes. (The cheap stuff fits just fine).
  • Bowls have to be placed every other slot (this is my own fault since I have multiple brands of bowls and they don't get along)
  • Interior looks like stainless steel, but I think it's just shiny plastic (I don't care personally as long as it doesn't flake)

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