Friday, July 17, 2009

Review: BabyTrends Sit-n-Stand LX

Product: BabyTrends Sit-N-Stand LX
Cost: ~ $120 (probably can get it cheaper on sale)
After much internal debate between the Joovy Caboose and the BabyTrends Sit-N-Stand, I chose the Sit-n-Stand, mostly because I could find it locally. The first stroller I got had a crooked wheel, so I traded it in for one with straight wheels :) I just use the stroller itself and removed the cup holder and sunshade, which makes it much lighter. I have a love/hate relationship with this stroller.

  • gets 2 kids around easily and my kids love it.
  • not too bad to push.
  • has cupholders
  • folds very compactly, especially without the sunshade

  • it's long, so it will follow dips in the side walk down into the street. This is a problem if crossing a driveway and you aren't paying attention or are letting an older child push the stroller.
  • doesn't take curbs well with 2 older children in it. I just make my almost five year old get out and the stroller works fine. It might not be a problem if you have 2 smaller children. (My husband can get up a curb fully loaded but I'm not strong enough).
  • doesn't stand up on its own when folded
  • heavy (but I knew that going into this)
All in all, I still like my purchase. It works great for taking my two-year-old around and for ending arguments with the five-year-old.

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