Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things that would be awesome (if they actually worked as advertised)

  1. Solar powered house with battery. I saw this article in the Provo Daily Herald. I would love to have a solar powered house, but solar cells are expensive and current batteries are a pain to use.
  2. Scooba. I love Roomba; I wish the Scooba were equally awesome, then I would never have to mop my floors again.
  3. Health care co-ops. I would love to have insurance that wasn't tied to my husband's current job. Traditionally, they change it right before one of my kids is born, and with #4 on the way, I'm waiting for the change. But a co-op where it was a not-for-profit insurance would be nice. I'm not sure I want the government running things, but a credit union version of insurance I could go for.

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