Wednesday, May 05, 2010

review: Bumbo

So, awhile ago I broke down and bought a Bumbo. My baby was getting tired of her bouncer, but wasn't sitting up by herself yet. I like it. It is soft and rubbery. She likes sitting up in it. I'm not really sure how much longer she will be able to use it, since she is getting a little wiggly. I'm hopeful that by the time she can't use it anymore, she will be sitting up by herself. The main thing I saw that really impressed me is with in few days after she got it, she was able to sit up unaided for a few seconds. The chair had really improved her upper body strength.

My verdict: it's worth buying, as long as you realize it won't be useful for more than about 4 months. Ideally, you would borrow one from a friend and use it, then return it.

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