Friday, August 20, 2010

How to make a stick horse

My daughter wanted a pink stick horse, so we made one. Here's what I did. I used this pattern and watched the video series here. I think it could easily be made in 3 hours. (It's hard for me to judge because I had plenty of "helpers") I used fleece, yarn, buttons, felt, ribbon, a dowel, matching thread, and some heavy duty thread.
Here's what to do in a nutshell
  1. cut stick down to size. Cut grooves for attaching head and padding. Paint stick and let dry.
  2. trace and cut head pattern out of fleece
  3. wrap yarn into a mane. Cut the yarn, then lay on horse's head
  4. sew head together, right sides together. Flip head right side out
  5. draw ear pattern. cut out of fleece. hand sew ears to head.
  6. attaching padding to dowel. (this is a little fabric circle with padding to soften the end of the dowel)
  7. stuff head, leaving room for the dowel end.
  8. sew on eyes.
  9. attach head to dowel
  10. sew on felt nostrils and ribbon bridle.
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Keri said...

Cute! My girls love their hobby horses, and I'm sure it would be a big hit in pink.