Thursday, September 02, 2010

Baby basics

Here's the basics of what you need for a new baby.

for the baby:

1. onsies

2. sleep and plays

3. crib and set of sheets / somewhere for the baby to sleep

4. diapers (1 package size nb and the rest size 1) and wipes

5. bottle (you'll get formula in the diaper bag from the hospital)

6. rocking chair (I recommend a recliner so you can sleep in it too if you have to)

7. light receiving blankets

8. burp cloths

9. place to change the baby (can just be towel on the floor)

10. car seat (can't leave the hospital without one)

11. heavier blanket (for traveling to and from car)

12. front pack / baby bjorn / sling so you can carry the baby and still get stuff done

13. nail clippers

14. swing or baby bouncer so you can set the baby down during the day

15. hat (will probably get one from the hospital)

for you:

  1. (optional) breast pump in case the baby won't eat and you need some relief or so you have extra milk
  2. maxipads
  3. witch hazel pads
  4. iboprophen (sp?)
  5. fan / heater/ white noise generator so the baby isn't so loud when you are trying to sleep and someone else has him

that should cover you for a while

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