Friday, March 18, 2005

Check to the dealer

I recently ran out of checks. I had meant to order more, but had not. I immediately ordered new checks on-line and waited 2 weeks for them to arrive. Alas, no checks. Today I checked the website and realized the check company did not show my order. I had a confirmation e-mail. What was going on?

(Did I mention I was pretty upset at this point. I had just enough time from when I ordered checks to when the first bill was due, that if they came, I could pay all the bills on time.)

I called my credit union and ordered checks over the phone. I sent an e-mail to the check printing company asking: What happened!!??!! in what I hope was a polite way. I tried various on-line ways of paying my bills, none of which was any easier than writing out a check. So all the bills were paid and I was left with a lingering question.

Later that day, I got an e-mail from the check company saying they had tried to deliver the checks, tried to confirm my address with my credit union, but were unable to, so the checks were sent back and destroyed (the implication seemed to be it was the credit union's fault, whatever).

I'm torn on whether I am upset or not. I am actually glad they are taking the security of my checks seriously. But I'm still a little mad they didn't let me know via e-mail. I guess this means I'll be sitting home waiting for the mailcarrier to come so that I'll get my checks.

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