Monday, March 07, 2005

Let Google choose your Pre-Paid Cell Phone

There are plenty of sites that review and compare prepaid cell phones based on benefits and costs. As far as I can tell, there isn't any one cell phone that is particularly better than another. So, I decided to be unscientific and let google queries decide. I reviewed Tracfone, Virgin Mobile, T-mobile, and Cingular. (In the table below [company] means I inserted the name of the company. The number in the table indicates the number of hits.)


TracfoneVirgin MobileT-mobile PrepaidCingular PrepaidWinner
[company]rocks21,100134,00090,30034,100Virgin Mobile
[company]sucks4,0604,86075261Cingular Prepaid
[company]is a chick magnet43253871,200Cingular Prepaid
[company]attracts hotties23213T-mobile Prepaid
[company]attracts alligators0011Tracfone / Virgin Mobile
[company]caused my breakup11594745Tracfone
[company]caused my hernia1632Tracfone


The safest prepaid cell phone choice appears to be Tracfone, with 3 points. The other phones have similar numbers of points, and are reviewed in depth below.

By Company
Tracfone: A safe choice, least likely to attract alligators and cause medical problems. However, if you are looking for love, this isn't the phone for you. It rated lowest in attracting the opposite sex. However, if you do find love, you are less likely to break up.

virgin Mobile: This company rocks. Single men, take note, it is also the second best for attracting women. However, you might not keep your love long since it rates highest for causing breakups. It also doesn't attract alligators, a plus if visiting Florida or the zoo. On the downside, it is most likely to cause a hernia; if you own one, don't do much heavy lifting.

T-mobile Prepaid: Single ladies, this is the phone for you. It is most likely to attract hotties. It also might attract alligators, so watch yourselves. It is solidly in the middle in the other categories.

Cingular Prepaid: Ladies, this phone attracts the gentlemen and is least likely to suck. It may attract alligators, so be careful.

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