Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Honey Bean Cookies

To continue my never-ending experimentation with chocolate chip cookies, here's the latest iteration. Take this recipe and
replace the 1 c shortening with 3/4 c shortening and 1/4 c ground small white beans.
Replace 3/4 c white sugar with 1/4 c white sugar and 1/4 c honey.
Replace 2 c flour with 1-1/4 c white flour and 3/4 whole wheat flour.

Result - OK. The taste is actually kind of weird, but I've eaten 8, so they aren't too bad. The texture is just fine. I suspect the honey is the taste a little weird.

Next time I won't try two experiments at once (honey and dry ground beans). The nice thing about using honey and beans is that the dough came out to the correct consistency without me having to do anything. I also suspect I should have replaced the brown sugar with honey, not the white. In all honesty, I only like honey on biscuits, so it could be someone else would like these just fine.

In theory, the beans added to the cookies should make a complete protein, so these cookies should have some nutritional value.

How did I get bean flour? I threw them in the wheat grinder.

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