Friday, June 12, 2009

Geneva Steel Redux

Geneva Steel Redux
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I have something I have to get off my chest: the Timpanogos Harley-Davidson building is ugly. It is located just west of the off ramp I use frequently and every time I drive by it I cringe. It is done in a style I can only describe as 1950's industrial (not just in style, it looks rusty too.) But the dealership was built within the last year. I understand trying to fit into the area you build in, but I can't imagine a city council in its right mind that would demand that a dealership build a building that would win the ugliest building in Lindon. At least with the surrounding industrial buildings, there is some faint hope the owners will eventually slap on a fresh coat of paint.

At first, I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt. Maybe all Harley dealerships looked like that one, based on the look of the very first Harley dealership. Then we went on a trip through Colorado and drove by another dealership, a nice modern looking building. Harleys aren't cheap, it's not like they couldn't afford a nice building.

So did I little research and it turns out they used parts of now-defunct Geneva Steel to build it. Maybe that will help me like it more...No, and I think it might be more ugly than Geneva Steel. Geneva was ugly, but it was for a reason. I say again, if there has to be a motorcycle dealership by my house, why does it have to be the ugly one.?

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