Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Review: La Quinta in Louisville, CO

Hotel: La Quinta
Rating: 4.3 stars (out of 5)
Would stay again: yes

What I liked:
  • excellent free breakfast with waffles and a variety of other foods
  • easy check in and check out (fastest I've ever seen)
  • friendly staff
  • good location
  • warm outdoor pool
  • good sized room
  • door key card worked every time
  • clean
  • right next to shopping and eating. This proved useful when I realized I had forgotten to pack my daughter's dress for the wedding reception: there was a Kohl's right across the street.
  • decent tv channel selection
What I didn't like:
(to be fair, most of this would apply to any hotel)
  • room was near the elevator, so we heard people a lot the first night (I suspect they put my family there to prevent our noise from bothering others, for which I am grateful.)
  • doors to bathroom were french type doors, with pull down handles, so my toddler could get into the bathroom and into mischief easily (I might rate this differently if she were potty trained)
  • door to the hallway was pull down type, so my toddler could leave the room by herself. (Fortunately, she is scared of the crack to get into the elevator, so she didn't get very far.)
  • the bottom of the pool was rough, so my kids scraped up their toes
  • ice maker didn't always work
All in all, I liked this hotel. I'd be willing to stay at other La Quintas, if they are all as nice as this one.

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