Monday, April 18, 2005

Restaurant Review: Goodwood Barbecue Company

Restaurant Name: Goodwood Barbecue Company

Location: 777 E University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84097 - 7771

Average Price: nothing over $20. Large selection of sandwiches for around $7.50

Experience: Pretty good. Definitely get an appetizer here, they are VERY slow in bringing out your food. We got a chicken quesadilla, it was amazing. We ordered a pulled pork sandwich, the pitboss burger, and a beef brisquet(sp?) sandwich. All were very good. The pitboss burger was great and the pulled pork sandwich was amazingly tender. The brisquet was also good, but I've run out of adjectives.

Experience with kids: They had crayons and a kid's menu that my daughter could color on. The kid's meal cost $3.50 or so. They made a mistake in my daughter's order, bringing out a grilled cheese sandwich instead of a cheese burger, but they let us keep the mistaken meal and brought out a hamburger 6 minutes later (too late, my toddler was full of fries).

Verdict: Go, if you have time. I'd go again, but on a date with just my husband.

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