Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Initial Review - Ozark Trail 12' x 10' 5-Person, 2-Room Domed Tent

This is an initial review of the Ozark Trail 12' x 10' 5-Person, 2-Room Domed Tent from Wal-mart because I haven't actually camped in it. We set it up and took it down again, mostly to make sure we didn't hate it. I was going to water proof the seams, but didn't realize the sealant needed to dry over night and since it was going to rain the next day... You get the picture.

Overall: I like it. It seems to do well for $50. My children loved playing in it.

Set up: Easy but takes 2 people. It took us 40 minutes to get the tent up, but since this was the first time we'd done it and I've never set up a tent before, I didn't think it was too bad. It has the usual poles that you put together and pop the tent up. We didn't stake down the tent since we were just trying it out. Tip: when attaching the plastic clips to the poles, start at the top and work your way down.

Tent itself: Much bigger inside than I had realized. I could stand up just fine as could my husband. The room divider is a joke, just a thin piece of cloth that hooks across, but that isn't a big deal to me since we don't plan on dividing the tent. We didn't have any gear to put inside, so I can't comment on how well everything fits. The gear loft is a little black mesh piece that fits across the top of the tent. It isn't very big. There are pockets under the windows.

Fly: The rain fly fit well. It has 2 poles that help it "pop out" for ventilation. I don't think this tent would do well if it was raining and the wind was gusting. If the wind was at the right angle, I think rain would come under the fly, and since the top of the tent is mesh for ventilation, it would come right in. I think you could tighten down the fly if you needed to though.

Taking it down: Easy / hard, Getting the tent down was easy. We still haven't succeeded in getting the tent back in the carry bag. Tip: bring rubberbands to hold the poles together or there is no way you will get them back into the carrying bag.

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