Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Review - Provident Pantry Freeze-Dried Sliced Peaches

Name: Freeze-Dried Sliced Peaches
What: Freeze-Dried Peaches, 1/2 c peaches to 1 c warm water to rehydrate
How much: it cost around $19 for a #10 can and should make 12 c of peaches.
Rating: 2 stars (out of five)
Verdict: I'm sticking with apples

I'm not a peach fan, but I do like the freeze dried peaches that come in cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats). I thought I'd try out freeze dried peaches. I did not like them. They have an odd taste to them. I tried rehydrating them, but they still had that weird taste. Since these are the first freeze dried food I've bought, my suspicion is that all freeze dried foods have that taste. My kids love them dry, however. And they make a quick snack for them.

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