Friday, September 09, 2005

My take on Katrina

I had a couple of thoughts about the hurricane. (Warning: Ranting below and I didn't check my facts very well either. Believe what I have to say at your own risk.)

First, it is a great tragedy, but I have seen some stories that have made me feel confused. First this quote from here:
Hip-hop hitmaker Timbaland said that he is renting trucks, buying clothes and toys and heading "to the trenches" — first stop, the Houston Astrodome. He challenged peers who splurge on jewelry and cars to do the same, because "these people in the dome listen to our music."

"Don't give to no Red Cross, that's the easy way. Not to say anything bad about the Red Cross, but who knows where that money's going," the producer said. "Take your money and do your own thing."
I think the sentiments he express are great. Everyone should do more and share with those who have lost so much. I also agree it is better to give time then to throw money at something then forget about it. However, I don't agree with "do your own thing". If the newscasts are to be believed, not being organized caused this tragedy to be greater than it needed to be. Yes, you can "do your own thing" especially if you are rich and famous and get some good PR, but the people who do this professionally probably have a better idea of what is needed. (I'm hoping he talked to people down there to see what they really need.)

The remark he made about the American Red Cross made me a little upset because I see them doing so much good in so many places. I'm not sure if he meant that the Red Cross wasembezzlingg or if he meant that the money you donated might go somewhere other than thehurricanen victims. If he meant the second, so what? There are other disasters going on right now. If the people from New Orleans are being assisted sufficiently, why not let them use the money to help others whose tragedies are not as newsworthy?

My second comment is about an article (can't find it again). When disasters hit, animals get forgotten and neglected. I feel horrible thinking this, but that is how it should be. I don't mean it is OK for animals to be mistreated and to suffer, but if it a choice between a dog suffering and a person, I'll pick the dog. People are more important. Once people are cared for, then is the time to start worrying about the animals.

There was a story about a boy who had his dog Snowball taken away from him as he boarded the bus to go somewhere else. The news story mentioned that they thought the dog had been found. I'm glad they found the dog. I understand that for that boy it was probably doubly traumatic, to loose everything then have the dog taken away. It would be easy to blame the police officer for it. The problem is, the dog couldn't go. I don't think the dog should have been able to go. I'd assume it is bad enough with upset people not to add upset dogs (probably uncontained). Also, what about people with dog allergies? What about if the dog got scared and bit someone? The other side of it is, if Snowball got to go, why not someone's fighting pitbull. Should the food for people go to feed these dogs? When trying to keep large numbers of people safe, individuals get shafted.

Now the Humane Society has set up shelters for the displaced animals and I am glad for it. (Especially because packs of large, hungry dogs roaming the streets cannot be good for anyone.)

I don't think this post makes much sense. I'm still trying to make sense of it myself. But there you go.

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