Saturday, January 22, 2005

How to move a Tuff Shed

We succeeded! I am so glad to finally have the Tuff shed we bought from a neighbor in our yard.

The task: move the 1200 - 1300 pound shed from our neighbor's yard, across the street and into our own.

What we used: pry bars, a few pieces of miscellaneous wood, a few 2x4s, 3 big pieces of strong pvc pipe, 4 - 6 people.

Total time: 4.5 hours

What we ended up doing(by we, I mean my husband's grandpa, grandma, father, my husband, plus various other people including neighbors): Used big pry bars to lift the shed. The pry bars were put under the corners of the shed then pushed down to raise it up. This was to get it out of the hole it was in. The hole was because the shed had settled. While the shed was pried up, boards were stuck across underneath it in the direction we wanted the shed to move, then the pvc pipe was put across the boards perpendicular. The wood acted like a road for the pipe to roll on and the pipe acted like wheels for the shed. This was similar to how the Egyptians moved big rocks for the pyramids. There was some concern that the pipe wouldn't be strong enough, but it held. My husband thought it would hold since he and his dad had jumped on it at Home depot to test the pipe's strength.

Using 4 - 6 people, we were able to rotate the shed 90 degrees and roll it across the street into our yard. We would lay the wood down, with part of the wood coming out from the front of the shed in the direction we wanted to move it. We put 3 pipes underneath, one at the front, one at the middle and one towards the end. Then we pushed really hard. They pushed until the shed rolled off the front rollers and the wood and stopped rolling. Then they used the pry bars to pick the shed up and put the wood and rollers back in place

To turn it, we put the wood and pipes at an angle and pushed the way we wanted it to go. Some people pushed at the front and some people at the back.

We didn't need the wood on the r oad.

Important: push on the corners. Also, wear long shirts or you may suffer from "plumber syndrom".

At some point I may post pictures of this.

Other resources:
Here's how somebody moved a shed. We didn't need cross bracing because the Tuff shed was well built.
Here's a news group thread about moving sheds.
Also check out Sheds: The Do-It-Yourself Guide for Backyard Builders at Search inside the book for "moving sheds".


salguod said...

Nice write p. Since your post is the #1 result from "tuff shed" move, I' thought I'd share my experience. We used the PVC pipe and a floor jack to lift it. It hadn't been there long, so settling wasn't an issue. I had to move it 'cause I placed it in an easement. :-(

What was real handy was my buddy brought over his ATV and we just pulled it across the yard on the pipes. We tied a tow strap around the steel frame and to the ATV and it was easy.

Ben said...

Thanks to this info, we moved my 8x10 shed across my backyard without any major issues. My friends were amazed by how easy it was to jackup, move, and bring back down. Took about 2 hours.

Thanks for posting the info.