Tuesday, January 11, 2005

On the curious problem of choosing a web host

It is next to impossible to choose a web host.

I've been looking for a host for a little website I want to put up. I don't want to pay much for it because I'm cheap, and because I'm trying to sell a computer program that I'm not sure has a market. I've found a few hosts that seem like good deals, but it's hard to make sure 1) they are reliable 2) they really exist 3) they have the features I want.

The more expensive one seem to show up on the Better Business Bureau's Site which I guess is as good a indication as any. I liked Host Excellence at first, but I've seen some stuff that implies it may be a scam. Since they aren't listed with the BBB, I guess I'll steer clear.

The other 2 I've looked are 1&1 and Lunar Pages. Both are on the BBB and seem to get OK reviews. It's hard to tell who to trust because web hosts have paid advertising, so if someone registers with them through a specific website, the referring website gets a commision. There are some trade groups, but how do you know if the trade groups are legit or just made up to give sites credibility?

Ah, the joys of the information age.

I may just register a domain for $6 and point it at the web space my husband and I have at our ISP.

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